My point of view is that there are 2 ways individuals could enhance his foreign language depending on characters and personality.

  • First, massive concentration in a short period of time.
  • Second, consistent study with long-term plan.

The former works for me. Gone are the days that I could barely pronounce an English word, struggle to speak a proper sentence or miserably communicate with overseas peers. It’s so embarrassing, but it now no longer haunts my dreams.

I recall exactly the period in which I did:

  1. Write 4 essays in academic writing, 1 answer on quora.
  2. Read 12 300-word articles.
  3. Listen to 4 Cambridge IETLS listening tests.
  4. Speak intermittently in 2 hours.


Yeah, you heard it. I did keep doing it every day for a month. It’s extraordinarily tough but the result’s Gucci. Because it is better to let sweat roll on your forehead rather than to let tears burst out from your eyes.

Consequently, I now dare not say I’m using advanced English, but I feel quite confident that I’m communicating English to the world freely. On the other hand, some friends of mine have tried the latter and it somehow works for them as well.

In conclusion, I’ve always had faith in the perpetual law that if you worked hard enough, you would eventually be rewarded.

Answered by Truong Khang in Quora