Of course, the best thing to help your spoken English would be to live in a country where English is the main spoken language. Such high exposure to a language will have you chatting away in no time. However this is obviously not an option for everyone.
If you’re not able to move to an English speaking country, look around your own city for English speaking opportunities. Most places have a Meetup group (or several) dedicated to English speaking, business English, meeting English expats etc. You could also check out your local community centers / Universities / community colleges etc. to see if they offer meetup opportunities or cheap/free English classes.
So how can you get more speaking practice if you’re not able to meet with English speakers? Thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of places to get some practice in:
  • Some language learning apps give you the opportunity to speak with native speakers who are also learning your language (so you can be tandem partners). I believe Duolingo has this feature.
  • There are loads of YouTube channels dedicated to teaching English:BBC Learning EnglishmmmEnglishEnglish AnyoneCrown Academy, etc..
  • If you watch movies to improve your language skills, watch in English with subtitles in your native language (animated films and series are great for this).
  • If you have a budget to spend on learning, tools like FluentU are helpful beacuse they collect all those amazing resources for you.
Lastly, my best tip is don’t be afraid. Don’t let worrying about your accent or grammar hold you back. Even if what you’re saying sounds silly to you, most people will appreciate your willingness to communicate in a second language, and will usually help you out. The more you speak, the more confident you’ll feel.
Hope this helps!

Answered by Siobhan O'Rorke on quora